Adult Day Services

peopleAll Day Club (or Adult Day Services) are designed specifically for frail older people who want to remain in their own home or that of a loved one, but cannot be home alone during the day due to physical, social, and/or cognitive disorders. The services provide temporary respite for family members who are caring for an impaired older individual in the home. Impaired older people often are not eager to leave their home, but they usually enjoy attending service centers after a brief break-in period.

Services often include the following:

Services and activities are based on the individual's needs and ability to participate. The center's participants are encouraged to participate in the daily planning of activities.

Services can serve the needs of family members who may need to take a break from care giving responsibilities, or who may work outside the home during the day.

There are some subsidy assistance programs, depending on the individual's financial situation, but even the full cost is less than institutional care.

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