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J SmithJohn M. Smith, Executive Director- Smith earned his Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation Administration in 1981 from Southern Illinois University Carbondale. He has been the Executive Director of the Egyptian Area Agency on Aging since January 1990 and previously held the position as Director of two other agencies in Southern Illinois that serve older people; from 1978 to 1985 in Perry County and from 1985 to December 1989 in Williamson County.

Under the administrative direction of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director functions as the chief executive officer of the Egyptian Area Agency on Aging. The incumbent directs the planning, organization, development, and coordination of area-wide programs, activities, and services for older persons; and provides leadership and advocacy on behalf of older persons in the Agency planning and service area. The Executive Director is the prime contact with the Board of Directors and is a broad gauge manager with an administrative oriented background having a thorough understanding of social services and the requirements for dealing with the public in the delivery of the services. The Executive Director employs and supervises all of the staff (employees) of the agency.

K VelardeK. Velarde, Fiscal Manager- The Fiscal Manager is primarily responsible for agency fiscal matters and general office management of the Egyptian Area Agency on Aging. The incumbent provides fiscal technical assistance to staff; advises the Executive Director on the financial status of the agency; and directs the activities of assigned agency staff. The Fiscal Manager is the agency contact with funding sources and staff on agency fiscal matters that require a thorough understanding of financial accounting and reporting requirements and the ability to convey that knowledge to others.

S SmithS. Smith, Fiscal Assistant- The Fiscal Assistant is primarily responsible for maintaining all agency general accounting records, including preparing payroll and necessary tax-related reports, employee benefit and leave records, checks for disbursement of agency funds, check registers, all supporting documentation for related transactions, and posting and maintaining all accounting journals and ledgers for both agency operations and service provider activities.

G JohnstonG. Johnston, Program Manager- The Program Manager assumes primary responsibility for carrying out the programs, evaluation, needs assessment, and area-wide planning activities. The Program Manager insures that these activities are coordinated with the Agency's service providers. The Program Manager directs special projects that meet the needs of older persons in the area.

P CreekP. Creek, Senior Programs Coordinator- The Senior Program Coordinator has the primary responsibility for maintenance of the agency's relationships with senior centers. The Senior Program Coordinator monitors and provides programmatic technical assistance to senior center, including keeping them informed of the status of available service funding, program developments, and any problems. The Senior Program Coordinator is also responsible for planning activities in the development of the Area Plan, including representing the agency advisory councils, committees, associations, boards, and other meetings.

R ReevesR. Reeves, Protective Services Coordinator- The Protective Services Coordinator has the primary responsibility for coordinating services that protect the rights of older adults and people with disabilities. These services including the Adult Protective Services, Ombudsman, Legal Assistance, and Culture Change- Pioneering. The Protective Services Coordinator monitors these services and provides programmatic technical assistance, including keeping them informed of the status of available service funding, program developments, and any problems. The Protective Services Coordinator is also responsible for planning activities in the development of the Adults Rights in the Area Plan.

S BlankenshipS. Blankenship, Prescription Drug Plans Coordinator- The Prescription Drugs Coordinator has the primary responsibility for helping people with Medicare finding and apply for prescription drug plans and medical insurance supplemental plans. The Prescription Drugs Coordinator responds to requests for assistance from Medicare beneficiaries and individuals nearing eligibility for Medicare.

A PritchettA. Pritchett, Veterans Program Coordinator- has the primary responsibility for maintenance of the agency's relationships with the Marion VA Medical Center, veteran's organizations, and programs that they provide for veterans. Veterans Program Coordinators are responsible for the agency's Veteran-Directed Home Care (a VIP service). This program is a home-based care program that is directed by eligible veterans and their representatives by hiring and supervising their own caregivers, including family members and friends.

Overton, T 2018 Moake, M 2018M. Moake & T. Overton, Community-Based Options Program Coordinators have the primary responsibility for developing optional services that help older people remain in their own homes. This program is a voluntary, home-based care program that is directed by eligible clients and their representatives by putting into place services and care options not normally allowed by the state-run Community Care Program.

K. Sanders, Clerical Support & Data Entry- This position is part-time and provide secretarial support for agency staff. The position is responsible for entering participant registration forms and assisting with typing, filing, collating, copying, answering the telephone, and other clerical duties.

D Choinski A NealA. Anderson, RSVP Project Director, and Diane Choinski, Program Coordinator, recruit & manage volunteers who help with a variety of community projects, such as:
  1. Deliver hot meals and food from pantries to the homebound
  2. Serve as companions for homebound elders
  3. Tutor school-age children in reading and math
  4. Culture Change-Pioneering program helps long-term care facilities and agencies learn how to provide their services in a manner that includes the resident/ client in the decision-making of rules and client care plans
  5. SHIP program helps people with Medicare understand Medicare Summary Notices, compare Medicare prescription drug plans, apply for Medicare Savings Programs, and complete the application for a discount on a license plate (formerly a part of Circuit Breaker)
  6. Help people with applications for public benefit programs
  7. Senior Medicare Patrol conducts public educational programs on how to identify and report fraud and abuse of Medicare
  8. Contact the RSVP Project Director for more information about our volunteer opportunities.
D. Cutler, RSVP of SI volunteer- helps people with Medicare-related issues and the Benefits Assistance Application (BAA), which is an application for a discount on automobile license plates.

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