Transparency Practices

legal documentThe Egyptian Area Agency on Aging (Egyptian AAA) makes an effort to operate in a transparent manner. However, the Egyptian AAA is not a public body, therefore is not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or the Open Meetings Act of Illinois.

The Egyptian AAA tries to conduct its Board meetings as open to the public as is practical and allow the public to make comments during an allotted time period at each meeting. Committee meetings of the Egyptian AAA are generally not open to the public.

The Egyptian AAA does not respond to FOIA requests. Any information requested by a FOIA request that has been given previously to the Illinois Department on Aging may be obtained from them. If the Department on Aging does not have the information requested about the Egyptian AAA, none will be provided after the fact through a FOIA request.

If the Egyptian AAA is compelled to respond to FOIA requests, it may charge the requesting party a fee for the maximum amount allowed by State statute and/or law for such requests.

The Egyptian AAA does not strictly follow the Open Meetings Act guidelines.

The meetings of the Egyptian AAA generally are conducted under the Robert's Rules of Order. However, strict adherence to such rules may not always take place at the discretion of the Egyptian AAA.

The Egyptian AAA sends a packet of information about its Board meetings to the Department on Aging. Additionally, the minutes of its Board meetings and agenda are sent to its funded organizations. Finally, an agenda is sent to about 40 key stakeholders in Southern Illinois.

The Egyptian AAA does not send out any information about its Advisory Council meetings.

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