Countable Assets and Other Information

(Updated Feb 2015)

Medicaid imposes a period of ineligibility for nursing home benefits on individuals who transfer assets for less than fair market value (often referred to as FMV). Generally, the length of the penalty period is based on the amount below FMV of any assets transferred during the 60 months (called the look-back period) prior to applying for Medicaid. The penalty period starts on the date the applicant becomes eligible for Medicaid for care in nursing homes, Supportive Living facilities, and Community Care Program through the Illinois Department on Aging. Transfers from trusts may have a longer look-back period.  PM 07-02-20-b   Administrative Code

Countable Assets
Administrative Code
Exempt Assets
Administrative Code

Amounts in excess of the these limits are included as countable assets.

Asset Disregard
Administrative Code
HFS 591SP Medicaid Spend-down

Specified Net Income

Property & Estate Claim Liens

Citizenship Requirements

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