Income Opportunities for Seniors

With Covid-19, financial times are difficult for many, including older adults. With the scarcity of some items, prices for cooling, food, and housing seem to be increasing. Many things we buy routinely have increased in price due to increased costs in shipping and safety measures to keep businesses going. Older adults on a fixed and limited income often have to do without.

It is good to be reminded of the various resources and benefits available to older adults to help afford necessities. For food, seniors can pick-up a meal or request a home delivered meal from their local senior site, with a suggested donated fee. Seniors can also apply for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP, from the Department of Human Services to have assistance purchasing groceries each month. There are also food pantries available in communities at local churches and community agencies. Currently, Farmers Market coupons are available at local senior sites for purchasing local produce at local Farmers Markets and roadside stands.

For utility assistance, Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, LIHEAP, provides assistance to older adults in paying gas or electric bills. Each county has a designated LIHEAP office. For housing assistance, there is a Housing Authority in each county, with additional low-income housing available depending on openings. For medication, Extra Help, a program through Social Security, makes medication costs through Medicare much more affordable. There are also drug assistance programs offered by pharmaceutical companies that can be accessed on Lastly, there is a discount for renewing the license plate sticker for older adults or persons with disabilities that can be done online.

In addition to the resources available normally, there has been additional grant funding provided to many local community agencies for emergency needs during Covid-19. There is funding for rental and mortgage needs, as well as for utilities, medication costs, medical needs, or other necessities during this time. An older adult needing financial help can seek assistance from traditional or new programs by contacting local senior centers, Shawnee Alliance, or Egyptian Area Agency on Aging to assist in accessing these programs. The contact information is listed below.

For more information, including eligibility requirements, the referral process, and applying, you can contact Shawnee Alliance, or call us. We can help you directly or refer you to the nearest senior center.

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