Rights of People Living in Nursing Homes

elder rights logoResidency in a nursing home, or assisted living facility, does not mean that an individual has loses all of his or her rights. Residents are guaranteed certain rights, protections, and privileges, including the following:

There are other rights, including rights regarding money, personal property, contracts for care and the right to ask for help in dealing with facility problems or problems in dealing with other agencies or with family.

Families, friends, and guardians can best support nursing home residents by:

For help in addressing residents rights and care concerns, contact the Ombudsman program:

Also, go to the following:

Nursing homes in Southern Illinois are listed in our Aging and Disability Resource Guide.

The official Medicare website has information on Patients Rights, Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home, Nursing Home Compare, and more.

Find information about the Spousal Impoverishment Prevention program on our website.

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