signs at a crossroadOutreach Workers visit senior adults, their family caregivers, families raising the children of their relatives, and older veterans to provide information about, and encourage them to use existing services and benefits.

There are many programs available to help older people who are trying to stay in their own home with a little assistance.

Making decisions about services and care can be overwhelming, especially after a stay in the hospital. Decisions about care most often are made rather quickly. If the right answers aren't readily available or easily obtained, decisions about care are even more difficult. An Outreach worker can help you with these decisions.

Any information gathered or questions asked by Outreach Workers remains confidential and will not be used for any other purpose than to assist with needed services. Only with the senior adults permission, can the Outreach Worker make appropriate referrals to other agencies for help. Also, the Outreach Worker can occationaly checkup on the senior adults until they decide what, if any, services they want.

There is no obligation or charge for the services of an Outreach Worker or for a needs assessment for anyone aged 60 or older in Illinois. The cost for services recommended by the Outreach worker depends upon the senior adult or couples financial situation.
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